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Quick Overview
Features and Benefits:
Clean brushes are the first defense against germs and acne-causing bacteria.  Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner was created to instantly clean and condition an artist's most important tools.  This quick drying rinse-free formula will clean, condition and deodorize both natural and synthetic makeup brushes, while leaving a pleasant vanilla scent. Also use to cleanse all traces of wax, liquid and powder from spatulas, palettes, metal tools and implements.

Dipping Method Directions:
Pour It, Dip It, Wipe It.  Three easy steps all it takes to bring brushes back to life instantly. Pour CS Makeup Brush Cleaner into Cleansing Tin enough to dip 1/4 way up the brush bristles.  Dip brush tip into liquid and remove immediately to avoid oversaturation.  Bristles will draw liquid up into brush and dissolve away makeup.  For large fluffy or dense brushes, only dip 10% of brush tip and hold vertically for 5 seconds so liquid moves down into base. Wipe clean on absorbent paper towel or cloth, repeat as necessary.  Shape brushes and allow to air dry completely before use.

Brush Cleaner Spray Directions:
Hold sprayer 1 to 2 inches from brush and spray directly onto brush hair while rotating. Gently wipe clean with paper towel or cloth, repeat as necessary. Allow makeup brushes to dry completely before using.

Flammable - keep away from open flame. Do not swallow. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Keep out of reach of children.